Multiperformance Coaching

Garmin Challenge Denmark has started a partnership with Multiperformance Coaching, which will give all our athletes the possibility of getting high quality personal training and training planning. And as long as you are a registered participant at Garmin Challenge Herning you can get this at a discounted price. If you have not signed up yet, you can buy a complete package with both an entry to Garmin Challenge Herning as well as a complete training plan to help you to complete your goal.

About Multiperformance

Multiperformance is driven by Martin Bissenbacker, who has a background in the Danish Military as well as he has studied health at the University of Southern Denmark. Martin is ambitious and passionate about his work and his focus is on quality above all. That means that you always will get thorough guidance when you are an athlete at Multiperformance. Therefore we can guarantee you the best possible experience when you train for Garmin Challenge Herning through Multiperformance.

Martin does not work alone and has a great team of competent coaches behind him, all of whom either compete on a regular basis or have a background in triathlon. So all of the coaches at Multiperformance knows what it takes to get the best possible result. You can read all about Martins team right HERE.

What do you get?

The partnership between Garmin Challenge Denmark and Multiperformance gives you, our athletes, a number of opporunnities if you choose to buy a training plan or personal coaching with Multiperformance.

First of all, all who have not signed up for Garmin Challenge Herning can buy a training plan together with an for Garmin Challenge Herning for only 2,495 DKK.

This is not just your regular training plan, that you download from the internet. This is a specific training plan meant to give you the best possible experience when training for Garmin Challenge Herning. The training plan is specific to how many hours you wish to train per week. In the plan you will also find guides to equipment, energy and food intake when training and competing. In short: All that you need to fulfil your goals at Garmin Challenge Herning.

If you have already bought entry to Garmin Challenge Herning, you can buy the training plan via the shop on Sportstiming, for just 995 DKK.

Secondly all of our athletes get the possibility to buy personal coaching from Multiperformance with a 10% discount and without having to pay the starting fee. You can read more about personal coaching from Multiperformance HERE.

If you want to buy the training plan you have to choose between “Entry & 8-10 hour training plan” or Entry & 10-12 hour training plan” in your preferred language, after you have bought the package you will receive a voucher-code, which you will use to register for Garmin Challenge Herning 2018.

If you already have bought entry to Garmin Challenge Herning and wish to buy the training plan, you have to choose between “8-10 hours” or “10-12 hours” and your preferred language.

Afterwards you will receive the training plan per e-mail and you are ready to train. If you have not received an e-mail with the training plan, please send us an e-mail at and we will make sure, that you receive the training plan.

Happy training. We look forward to seeing you at Garmin Challenge Herning 2018.

Late starter?

If you bought the training plan later than January 15th 2018 Multiperformance Coaching recommends, that you jump into the program in that week you sign up. If you are fit to follow the program (take a look at the first weeks and compare those with your own training) you can jump straight in. If not, Multiperformance recommends that you follow 75 – 80% of the plan in your first week of training with the plan, 85 – 90% in the next week, and from the third week you should be fit enough to follow the plan 100%.

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