Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship is unfortunately cancelled


Due to Covid-19 we are not able to host Garmin CHallenge Herning the 13th of june 2020. We are working on a solution so that we can find another date where we can host Garmin Challenge Herning.


The 13th of june Herning will be hosting the Nordic Championship in triathlon on the middle distance. The 6th edition of the events history will hereby have the title Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship. We are proud, that we in cooporation with Herning, sponsors and athletes kan lift the event to a Nordic Championship.

At Challenge Denmark we share the philosophy of the Challenge Family of which we are a part. Therefore we believe that every event should be special to all who participate and by “all” we mean ALL. So to us it doesn’t matter if you are a first timer, a seasoned veteran of the sport, or a fast World Champion, in our eyes you are all important.

We also understand what it takes from you and your surroundings as an athlete. Therefore we also want to make every spectator experience as great as possible with stunning swims and bike routes with carefully selected hotspots where you can follow the athletes; city runs in small streets with lots of opportunities to see all the athletes; and last, but not least, intense finish lines where you can follow your beloved the last few meters to the finish line.

But no event is possible without all the volunteers, that stand ready each year to help us organize and execute every event. We believe that you are as much a part of our family as the athletes and the spectators.

We are all a part of Challenge Family! “We Are Triathlon!”


At Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship you will have the possibility to challenge yourself on the middle distance. You are going to swim 1900 m, bike 90 km and run 21,1 km ( a half marathon) before you can call yourself a Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship Finisher.

Lake Fuglsang

The swim at Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship takes place in beautiful Lake Fuglsang. A big lake on the outskirts of Herning which is often used by locals during the summer. We can guarantee a great and calm swim without any jellyfish.

The swim

The atmosphere at Lake Fuglsang is very distinct and not like any other race. When you arrive at T1 in the morning you can feel everything buzz of activity: athletes doing the final check, volunteers guiding and helping everyone in place and referees and officials preparing the last bit to be ready for the swim start.

T1 – First Transition Zone

When the start goes you will feel the rush and jump in the water together with 1,500 athletes which all are as excited as you are. The first 100 – 200m will be a bit hectic, but we can assure you that we have water safety personnel keep you safe throughout the entire swim both watching from shore and in the water. When you turn at the first buoy everything will be more relaxed and everyone will follow the flow in their own pace. From here you on, you only need to swim a whole round in Lake Fuglsang and then you have completed the 1900m swim and the first discipline is done.

After finishing the swim, a 90 km bike course awaits. The course is a circular route around Herning on a mix of small and big roads with rolling hills. Here you will have plenty of opportunities to really get into your zone and just push all the watts you can produce.

The bike course

When you hit the bike course at Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship, you will experience the heath at its best. First, you ride southward on small paved roads through small towns and forests. The course have some rolling hills but switches to flat landscape with farms and fields as far as the eyes reach. You hit many straight roads where you can hammer watts! The bike Course is a true route for hammertime! In Brande you will turn aginst Herning again on some great roads and beautiful landshape.

Stability, high speed, safety

The Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship bike course is a relatively flat course with less than 500 altitude meters across the entire course. All altitude meters consist of rolling hills, so no big climbs but these hills can, for some, prove challenging if it’s windy. At the same time, we have kept all sharp turns to a minimum so you can maintain a stable and high speed. When you participate in our race, it is our most important task to make sure you feel safe. Thus, we engage around 200 volunteers every year to secure and guide you through the bike course. This means that as an athlete you can feel safe and get the best racing experience on the day.

After a good bike ride, you have reached the final discipline after which you can call yourself a Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship finisher. The run course is a simple 4 round loop in the center of Herning after which you will finish at the city square and be proud of your performance.

T2 – Second Transition zone

You will experience the great atmosphere of the race as soon as you leave T2. Here you will be met by up to 25,000 spectators who will jump and carry you through the last 21,1 kilometres. The only quiet minutes you will get are when you run towards the turning point on Gl. Vejlevej, where you can gather your thoughts before you, once again, will be met by the noise of the crowd that continues until you hit the finish line at the square. Here, the noise of the spectators will interfere with the speaker’s voice, while your name is shouted when you run the last 100 meters to the finish line. Afterwards, a true buffet is waiting in the after-race area, after which you can meet with your family and relax on a good and atmospheric day in the name of triathlon.


The Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Championship run course is designed to give you the best experience. You will both experience running on a flat straight path, running over a steep walkway, as well as long stretches where you can concentrate on your race. One of the recurring features on the run course is Herning Library, which houses about 200 meters of runway every year that takes you through the library’s lobby. This creates a completely unique experience, where you as a participant will constantly experience something new. At the same time, the very unique finish chute where you will experience a true city party as you cross the finish line. In the afterrace area, we have provide bathing facilities along with a restitution zone and plenty of food, so you can quickly recover on top of the day’s hassles.

Become a Garmin Challenge Herning Nordic Champion Finisher 2020 here!


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