Course – 2019

TYR Swim Course

The swim of Garmin Challenge Herning will take place at the beautiful Lake Fuglsang, as has been the tradition since 2015.

Lake Fuglsang is an artificial lake in Herning, which where finished in 2006. The lake is 800 meters long, 450 meters wide and has a depth of 6 meters where it’s deepest.

Since the opening in 2006, Lake Fuglsang has been one of the great attractions of Herning. With a beautiful and accessible location, Lake Fuglsang is a favorite location for walking, swimming and fishing, and is used frequently by the residents of Herning. In the summertime Lake Fuglsang is one of the best swimming spots in all of the municipality of Herning.

During the swim you will enter the water on the northern ramp of the lake. From there you will swim north along the shoreline where you will follow the shoreline to the east. Afterwards you will swim the full length of the lake and end op in the southern area from with you’ll cross the lake again and follow the western shore up to the southern ramp where you will exit the water.

Bike Course

The bike course of Garmin Challenge Herning is fast, challenging, and scenic. The course is one single round and you will start off from Fuglsang Lake and go west past Hernings new hospital in Gødstrup. From here on it will be small roads that will lead you through the small villages of the municipality of Herning with Aulum being the biggest city.

Read on, or fetch the course in GPX-format HERE.

The course will take you through the barren moor landscape of the midwestern Jutland. You will experience blooming heather, delicate herb aromas, and the song of the woodlark will accompany you, as you race your heart out.Throughout the bike course you will both experience fast, long, flats where you can focus on putting the power down but also rolling hills and the tough western wind.

Garmin Challenge Herning Run Course

As a 3.5 loop run course of 5.2km the run course of Garmin Challenge Herning calls for a great triathlon party and it will be! The course is staged in the city centre with Hernings main shopping street being the center of the party.

Find the run course in GPX-format HERE.

You will start off from Søndre Anlæg from where you will start the run on the long road Gl. Vejlevej, before you return to the city center. On this loop you will experience Hernings city centre and run over Dronningens Boulevard via the dreaded bridge with its snail like ramps.

When you get to the city center you will run throug Herning City Library and out on Østergade with a lot of cafées and life.

After 4 loops of the run course you will finish at Torvet (City Square) in front of Herning City Hall, where a great triathlon party awaits all finishers.

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